We are Ordinary Lights, a Franco-American multi-platform creative agency based in Paris. 

We produce films, digital branded content, print campaigns and animations that make brands shine.





Please complete this project request form to introduce your project
Designate a project manager from your team to handle communication
Schedule a call or lunch meeting with us where we can discuss your vision and find solutions
We will send an estimate for your approval



Shoot day(s), based on your schedule
We will transcribe interviews (if applicable) and select the best soundbites together
We will send you options for the music selection



Your entire team will give feedback through Wipster, commenting directly on each video with two rounds of amends
Final version will be validated by you
We will move on to final color correction and sound mix and add any subtitles/graphics if necessary
The video will be delivered to you in the proper export format(s)

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